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Effrikaan Deeksunree was required with the emergence of the new democracies on the African Continent, such as South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe etc., it would seem that a 'new' language has begun to take shape and used especially by announcers in Radio, TV and Business sector. (Useful Reading if you have been watching The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency on BBC TV) To interpret this developing language a new dictionary based on phonetic sounds has been devised by the author that should be placed in a book with pictures sometime in the future once complete.

Typical Example - Word: "Awa" - Meaning: "Determiner" - as in "awa dee-munds"

Because of the closing of world distances this form of language is also quickly creeping into European and American vocabulary and therefore, the author has attempted to make a light hearted but, definitive translation of this new language and to help people to understand more clearly the meaning of certain words and phrases. 

Although the work is not yet completed and currently consists of several thousand words, the author would appreciate any further "new words" added from viewers in this matter. These can be sent to the author in the first instance for weekly inclusion and updating by your filling in the box below.

(Do not be shy and give us your thoughts). Help us give a name to this new language... i.e - "AFROLISH"

Now enter the world of the "HUMOUROUS DICTIONARY"

Start by going to one of the pages and reading a few lines, you will soon understand how it all works

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