Virtual Private Server Virtual Private Server or VPS

Do you want more flexibility from your current hosting?

Then You might need a Virtual Private Server or VPS?

Do you want to host multiple sites?

Have you out-grown your existing hosting package?

Then a Virtual Private Server or VPS is exactly what it says on the tin.

Our VPS are fully customisable, to ensure that they meet your requirements, whatever they might be. The amount of RAM, disk space and number of vCPUs assigned to your VPS can be modified at any time.

All VPS include unlimited bandwidth as standard, provided via a 100Mbit link. Choose between multiple flavours of Linux and Windows Server 2008, with options for both Plesk Panel and cPanel on CentOS. All VPS are provisioned automatically and will begin building immediately.

This VPS server is split into parts and each part becomes a server in its own right or a "Virtual" server.

Each virtual server is completely "private" from the other virtual servers and functions the same as a regular server. But as multiple servers are running under one set of server hardware the running costs are significantly cheaper.

Enjoy advanced VPS hosting at an affordable price with our powerful virtual private servers. Using the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors, and RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SAS disks, we have created one of the UK's most advanced virtual server platforms.

Create your own custom VPS

One click software and script installs are now available on CentOS VPS!  Get a completely functional server up and running quickly.

Just order your VPS and then choose the Scripts option from the control panel, where you'll be able to quickly install software like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more without any fuss or effort.

If you have a busy, demanding or mission-critical website, use our customisable VPS hosting to take control of your resources.

Choose the VPS hardware specifications, disk types (standard or SSD) operating system, control panel and billing period right for you.

We've created some great preset specifications for your VPS, which are suitable for most general purpose uses.
You can further fine tune your specification - you can increase the CPU, HDD and RAM as you wish, or upgrade to a SSD if required

VPS Presets (Price per Month)

VPS SErvers