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Logo Design, Graphic Design, Company Branding, Website Design, Domain Name, Web Design, Internet Provider -- Compnix URLs and Web Design are a premier provider of webhosts, domain names, affordable custom web design, web design services, e-commerce, email, e-marketing services and technology solutions. Our customers include families and small home offices, established businesses and large corporations. (The Facts)>

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Domain Name, URLs and Company Branding mean you get the correct Domains and then working Internet, Web Site, Brochures, Cards, Stationary etc. together with search engine marketing, search engine placement, search engine optimisation and website marketing that are key to success. Our Internet Provision Package even provides you with free stats and ftp access so that you can check up our statement. (The Facts) >

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If you require Professional Web Designers, Branding or Corporate Identity Design Services we will help achieve that with Website Builder, Search Engine Submission, Domain Mappings, Virus Scanning, Personalised Secure Server, Email SMS Notifications, Web Design, Custom Programming all go into a Website Design so, do not be fooled by cheapness or gimmicks offered by others offering their specific services, it is false economy, take a look at the facts, then decide. Compnix Plans an affordable web designer and development service as well as offering a full range of hosting and domain services. Highly skilled team of designers and developers help you with your project and we'll make sure that you go away feeling proud of your new website that looks modern with interactive flash design. (The Facts) >

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The most basic use of DNS is to translate hostnames to IP addresses. It is in very simple terms like a phone book. For example, if you want to know the internet address the Domain Name System can be used to tell you it is DNS also has other important uses.

Pre-eminently, DNS makes it possible to assign Internet destinations to the human organization or concern they represent, independently of the physical routing hierarchy represented by the numerical IP address. Because of this, hyperlinks and Internet contact information can remain the same, whatever the current IP routing arrangements may be, and can take a human-readable form (such as which is rather easier to remember than an IP address (such as People take advantage of this when they recite meaningful URLs and e-mail addresses without caring how the machine will actually locate them.

The Domain Name System distributes the responsibility for assigning domain names and mapping them to IP networks by allowing an authoritative server for each domain to keep track of its own changes, avoiding the need for a central registrar to be continually consulted and updated. That's how the Internet works, simple or not?

Now... Some Branding Facts

Every organisation monitors exactly what their corporate literature states about them Whether it be Branding or just a Company Logo.

Logo Design, Branding and Website Design by a professional Web Graphic Design company based in the UK and working internationally. Should you require Professional Web Designers, Branding or Corporate Identity Design Services we will help you.

You set up an E-Commerce website, banking and all and wonder why it is a disaster? The main reason is people have increasingly started to create their online business on sites like eBay using the platform as springboard to take off into self-employment.

We estimate that any small business who starts an eCommerce promotion today, HAS LESS THAN A 1/100th of 1 Per Cent likelihood of actually being successful at promoting their product or service unless they are aware of the pitfalls and how to skirt around them.  The contention for visibility at the Search Engines, Auctions like eBay, and services like AOL, MSN and PRODIGY, is so intense, that the market price is closer to buying a Rolls Royce, than it is for placing a wholly useless Classified Ad.

There is no FLAT PLAYING FIELD, the INTERNET has become a room full of empty rooms, millions of them, with too many simultaneous choices for anyone to really spend too much time.  This is what happens when you try to make one network to link the world, you end up with 200 million businesses all trying to get the SAME CONSUMER to look at them. 

What does this mean in practice? Companies and consultants alike must reframe their understanding of what internet branding is and how to become noticed in the first place. The conventional view is that branding is about creating 'image,' changing 'perceptions,' driving 'marketing and sales.' The emerging, more people-centric view, is that branding is about creating loyalty, motivation, and even missionary zeal among customers and employees alike.

Founded on integrity and trust, this kind of branding involves 5 key 'win-win' processes:

  • Creating real, satisfying relationships among stakeholders, rather the appearance of relationships

  • Benchmarking of corporate social responsibility agreements that begin with a commitment to treating employeees ethically, extends to the local community, and radiates outward to the 'global village'

  • Balance-sheet treatment of the brand as an integral part of the business model with consequent prioritization by senior leadership

  • A freestanding brand management department, separate from the marketing department, composed of executives charged solely with championing, communicating, enforcing, and rewarding behaviors that support the brand.

  • Formalization of knowledge-sharing systems that promote collaboration among employees in support of the brand

Branding for the people, not just for the profits, would help companies and individuals alike maximize their often-significant investment in this effort. The truth is, employees are just as likely as customers to resist branding messages, though for a different set of reasons. These include individual and cultural resistance to change; fear of loss of power; and, perhaps most importantly, cynicism rooted in mistrust of management and co-workers' motives. The reality is that branding is a process of organizational change, and requires an understanding of human dynamics if it is to succeed.

That is where we come in, we give you that opportunity and up front start because Compnix Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) method can probably get any new website onto the front page of most search engines within a week, thats because we know what is required.

Also if a whole branding concept is required, we simply use a program like Quark (For the Printer) and convert this to an elaborate and interactive website. All done as a single unit. Not rocket science, is it?

Please feel free to contact us if only to have an informal discussion about an I.T. problem you may want resolved.

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