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Internet Hosting, Unlimited Web Hosting UK, Website Design, Domain Name, Web Design, Internet Provider Premier provider of webhosts, domain names, affordable custom web design, web design services, e-commerce, email, e-marketing services and technology solutions. Our customers include families and small home offices, established businesses and large corporations. (The Facts)>

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Domain Names, URLs and Company Branding mean you get the correct Domains and then working Internet, Web Site, Brochures, Cards, Stationary etc. together with search engine marketing, search engine placement, search engine optimisation and website marketing that are key to success. Our Internet Provision Package even provides you with free stats and ftp access so that you can check up our statement. (The Facts) >

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Website Builder Plus, Search Engine Submission Extreme, Domain Mappings, Virus Scanning, Personalised Secure Server, Email SMS Notifications, Web Design, Custom Programming all go into a Website Design so, do not be fooled by cheapness or gimmicks offered by others offering their specific services, it is false economy, take a look at the facts, then decide. Compnix Plans an affordable web designer and development service as well as offering a full range of hosting and domain services. Highly skilled team of designers and developers help you with your project and we'll make sure that you go away feeling proud of your new website that looks modern with interactive flash design. (The Facts) >

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Internet Hosting Facts Internet Hosting Facts

What exactly is Internet Hosting?

You will get a heap of information, that will try to help you make an educated decision on the choice of what host you choose to trust with your Internet plans. It is a very important decision that you must make and there is more to it than just finding the host with the best price. Beware not all hosting is created equal. Is your host running twice as many sites on the one machine as they should be to half their prices and of course your sites performance?

At this point we will give you an example of how having your website with the wrong host can affect your website. Your Web Host can cost you new and existing business, your reputation and, ultimately, money.

If your website is doing a £1,000 or even a $1000 in sales per day and it goes "off line" for one day it is simple to see you have lost the days sales, plus damaged your credibility and future growth.

In the majority of cases your hosting company also controls your e-mail. If your customers e-mail their orders, for delivery, and your e-mail goes "down" for a day you can imagine the results! You will not receive customer's orders; the customers will not receive their goods. Again, your reputation is damaged and your customers may transfer their business to your competitor(s). You not only lose the day's sales but, possibly the whole years business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and just a few reasons why it is a good idea to read this report below.

 The Internet initially began as a means for the US Military to communicate in the event of war. What the military needed was a network that was so versatile that if orthodox links were broken, information could be re-routed in order for delivery to still occur.

 For the initial 10 years, the Internet was only used by scientists and the military. It was only in the 1980's that corporations got involved. In the 1990's ordinary people began to use the Internet for everything from information purposes to buying a new boat. By the year 2000 almost everyone in US and Canada had access to it and so did most other countries. This labyrinth of interconnected computers brings us to what Web Hosting is today.

 To have a Website on the Internet you first need to have a Web Server. A Web Server is a powerful computer stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment and permanently linked to the Internet (via high-speed data lines). These computers store the web pages that make up websites. As soon as your pages are installed on the server they become available to visitors and customers on the Internet - providing they have the correct address (

Unfortunately, owning your own Web Server can be very costly and requires technical expertise that most businesses don't have. This is where Web Hosts like Compnix come in. Web Hosting companies provide the equipment and other technical resources that you need without the potential headaches.

A Web Host provides the place on the Internet where your website "lives". It's a lot cheaper than buying you own server, and you don't have to hire the technical staff to take care of it. Shared servers offer the ability to host a Website on a powerful, professionally managed server, at a low monthly cost. No technical skills are required to use a shared server. Shared Server Hosting provides a cost-effective way for entry-level Webmasters to maintain a reliable Web presence without extensive technical knowledge or resources.

Now... Some Internet Hosting Facts

Every If you are new to the web and are not sure what some of the information you are reading means. Don't worry you're not alone. We host thousands upon thousands of websites for small businesses and we know what you are going through at a time when all you want to be doing is focussing on your new venture. This is why we specialise in making the process of getting on the web or building your business online a simple one.

We help take away the confusion and put clarity in its place!

Most of you will recognise that you do need a web site but you don't know how much space you need, or what a megabyte is or whether you are being given good advice. You will get as much support as you need through this process when you talk to Compnix Internet Hosting, and all you will need do is go to our support pages to get that immediate and much needed impartial guidance you're looking for. 

Having recently analysed usage statistics for our customer's web sites we discovered that:

Over 95% of all web sites with Compnix Internet Hosting use
50Megs of web space or less!

That is, throughout their entire lifespan! Yet so many hosting providers offer much larger accounts knowing that you will never use it! So no, we won’t tell you that you need an account with 600Megs or even 1500Megs of web space because the vast majority of you simply don’t need it. (As you'll come to learn, we tell it like it is! And give you large website space and bandwith up front, the rest is up to you.)

Some more facts

We agree, there are occasions when you might need a database linked to your web site so that you can capture information directly from your web site, such as email addresses for opt-in emailshots or to build up a base of new contact details or you might want to have a message board on your website to capture visitor numbers or customer feedback on your products and services. You may decide that you want to sell such a broad range of products online or that you need a website you can update yourselves or that you need an area where your customers or suppliers can login securely without going to your designer each time or to access specified information only. In all of the above-outlined scenarios you’ll need a hosting solution that has a database attached to it but you'll still (most probably) only need 100 Megs of web space!

Now remember it doesn’t matter whether you want to have all of the above requirements or just one, you’ll still only need one single database, not several! (So
don’t be fooled by offers of multiple databases, as one size, in this instance, really does fit all!)

If you intend to sell products online using a shopping cart with some sophisticated functionality on your site, the likelihood is that you still only need a simple hosting account. Just look what E-Commerce has on the Control Panel.

You should be getting our drift by now, but for those of you who are not quite following, just be aware that the vast majority of you will NEVER use more than 50Megs of web space and those of you that do, it is there if you need it. It may be the case that you need a dedicated server but it may be the case that you need something much simpler than that. The quickest way to find out is to contact.

If you do need more than 50 megs of space

If you’re a web designer looking after multiple client accounts such as a web designer or an advertising or marketing business, or if you operate a business where data security or custom components are critical for your web site or you know your site is going to be highly-trafficked, then under those circumstances a dedicated server is possibly (but only possibly) where you might need to turn your thoughts. If this is the case for you contact us or take up another option package because in this case, one size doesn’t suit all and each requirement tends to have differences!

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