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Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, Website Design, Domain Name, Web Design, Internet Provider -- Compnix URLs and Web Design are a premier provider of webhosts, domain names, affordable custom web design, web design services, e-commerce, email, e-marketing services and technology solutions. Our customers include families and small home offices, established businesses and large corporations. (The Facts)>

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Domain Name, URLs and Company Branding mean you get the correct Domains and then working Internet, Web Site, Brochures, Cards, Stationary etc. together with search engine marketing, search engine placement, search engine optimisation and website marketing that are key to success. Our Internet Provision Package even provides you with free stats and ftp access so that you can check up our statement. (The Facts) >

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Website Builder Plus, Search Engine Submission Extreme, Domain Mappings, Virus Scanning, Personalised Secure Server, Email SMS Notifications, Web Design, Custom Programming all go into a Website Design so, do not be fooled by cheapness or gimmicks offered by others offering their specific services, it is false economy, take a look at the facts, then decide. Compnix Plans an affordable web designer and development service as well as offering a full range of hosting and domain services. Highly skilled team of designers and developers help you with your project and we'll make sure that you go away feeling proud of your new website that looks modern with interactive flash design. (The Facts) >

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Compnix Internet Hosting Supports the following Website Projects:-
Hotel Accommodation Easy the best Booking Service on the Internet.
The Ancestral Trail, a wonderful Mythological Series.
Effrikaan Deekshunry, that is a Humourous look at Afro/English.


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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Sheet

Q1. Why choose Compnix  to host my Web site?

As an independent business we believe passionately in bringing quality, innovation and a sense of competitive challenge to a part of the IT industry which, until now, has often charged as much as the market can bear for Web design services. We strive to provide products and services that offer excellent value for money, backed up by a high level of personalised service.

Q2. What do I need for web site hosting?

If you already have a Web site that you wish to host with us, then you'll need a PC with an Internet connection along with an FTP program to transfer files to/from our host server (browsers such as Internet Explorer can also be used). Once responsibility for your domain name has been transferred to us (and any changes made to DNS entries/name servers etc. have propagated through the system), you can then upload your site to our servers via FTP or Your Control Panel.
Q3. What hosting plans do you offer?

We offer several different solutions for various types of Web site and the services that you need. Our feature rich, low-cost hosting plans can include support for ASP, SQL and MS Access databases (dependent upon which plan is chosen) along with a personal control panel for ease of use. If you require help in deciding which plan to choose please e-mail or contact us.

Q4. Am I able to put anything I like on my website?

No. We follow a strict policy of not accepting sites with adult content onto our Web servers. Furthermore, we also refuse to accept sites that promote, assist, or disseminate information related to terrorism, racism, religious intolerance, hacking, hate crimes and software piracy. Anybody found to be undertaking such activities once an account has been opened will have it removed without notice. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.
Q5. Will I be able to perform FTP updates to my site 24 hours a day?

Yes, you have unlimited access via FTP to our Web servers 24-hours a day.
Q6. Can my account be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, our hosting is outstanding value for money and with our 30-day money-back guarantee, real-time account activation. All hosted on our secure high speed network. What do you have to lose? Your hosting account can be used to promote your business, provided that it falls within the boundaries of acceptable content (as laid down above). If you require help on setting up your own online business, there are many such programs to choose from, check out the control panel to items such as E-Commerce and see. But if you need assistance then please feel free to contact us for no-obligation advice and help.

Q7. Do you provide technical support?

Yes. Customers can obtain assistance by logging into the support panel that in turn has hundreds of solutions and if that is not enough we have a ticket sustem to try and solve the problem. Please note, however, that we do not provide technical support for help with HTML, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, Perl and CGI programming problems.

Q8. How do I transfer files in order to update my website?

This is done by using a File Transport Protocol (FTP) program straight from your computer to your File Manager are or, FTP programs such as WS_FTP_Pro (which we recommend), Cute_FTP or Internet browser such as IE5. If your Web site was designed using Microsoft FrontPage (and you plan to use Web bot components, which make use of MS FrontPage Extensions) you must use your software to transfer files to our web server.

Q9. Can I resell space within my own account?

No. However, you can have sub-domains as your package allows which can then host other accounts under your umbrella name or we can do a share program, just contact us. Currently it is not possible for us to offer reseller packages although we can recommend the services of several companies who do. 
Q10. Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, you can upgrade your account any time you wish. Simply e-mail your request to Compnix nor upgrade your package online by including your domain and account number.
Q11. What is an ASP?

Active Server Pages (ASP) are a technology developed by Microsoft to allow programs that run a Windows based server to be processed. Web pages with a .asp extension are normally associated with database applications and are similar to server-side or common gateway interface (CGI) scripts in that they run programs on the server which tailor the page for a user. We support ASP.

Q12. What is CGI?

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts are small server-side programs that add interactivity to a Web site. Our hosting plans have their own CGI directory, allowing you to install and develop your own CGI scripts. Most CGI scripts are usually written in Perl (see below).
Q13. What is Perl?

The Programmable Extraction and Report Language, is a powerful programming language that is usually implemented under UNIX and NT platforms for high-performance text processing, batch control and  client/server network operations. 

Q14. What about Tape Backups?

Tape Backups are performed on a regular basis, although we do not normally restore client's data unless it is an error on our part. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you keep an up to date copy of your Web site locally.
Q15. Do you offer Dial-Up Internet access?

Yes, millions of people in the UK are still out of reach of broadband services, so finding cost-effective dialup is still a real concern. Compnix have a great free dialup service which is generic and is free of charge - a fantastic extra service for our customers.

Q16. What O/S do you use?

Our servers run Windows 2008.

Q17. Do you Support Microsoft FrontPage, ASP, and SQL?

Yes, our Windows 2008 Servers are fully compatible with the above technologies. 

Q18. What statistical package does Compnix  offer its customers?

Comprehensive "Website Reporting Statistics" programs are available to all our customers supplied free with our packages.

Q19. What version of FrontPage does Compnix  support?

We support the latest version of MS Frontpage (2010), which is backwardly compatible with sites made using Frontpage. 

Q20. SSL Secure Pages Why Do I Need Them? How Do I Get Them?

Our hosting plans support SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure pages. Once setup, transmission between of pages and information to/from  the user's web browser are encrypted, allowing for greater online security.

Q21. Can I have multiple domains point to the same HTML file?

Yes, just go to registration and pick your domains then use your control panel and its all there under sub-domains to do yourself.

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