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Free Software, Website Resources, Website Design, Domain Name, Web Design, Internet Provider -- Compnix URLs and Web Design are a premier provider of webhosts, domain names, affordable custom web design, web design services, e-commerce, email, e-marketing services and technology solutions. Our customers include families and small home offices, established businesses and large corporations. (The Facts)>

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Domain Name, URLs and Company Branding mean you get the correct Domains and then working Internet, Web Site, Brochures, Cards, Stationary etc. together with search engine marketing, search engine placement, search engine optimisation and website marketing that are key to success. Our Internet Provision Package even provides you with free stats and ftp access so that you can check up our statement. (The Facts) >

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Website Builder Plus, Search Engine Submission Extreme, Domain Mappings, Virus Scanning, Personalised Secure Server, Email SMS Notifications, Web Design, Custom Programming all go into a Website Design so, do not be fooled by cheapness or gimmicks offered by others offering their specific services, it is false economy, take a look at the facts, then decide. Compnix Plans an affordable web designer and development service as well as offering a full range of hosting and domain services. Highly skilled team of designers and developers help you with your project and we'll make sure that you go away feeling proud of your new website that looks modern with interactive flash design. (The Facts) >

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Compnix Internet Hosting Supports the following Website Projects:-
Hotel Accommodation Easy the best Booking Service on the Internet.
The Ancestral Trail, a wonderful Mythological Series.
Effrikaan Deekshunry, that is a Humourous look at Afro/English.


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A huge selection of free software and templates already set up in order to simplyfy and help you manage, design and implement your website. (See our Control Panel)

50 Premium Website Templates

Give yourself a head start! Why not use one of our 50 premium website templates created by professional web designers.

400 Basic Website Templates

Over 400 great website templates, great as a starting point for any website.

Flash Banners

Over 100 beautifully designed flash templates which you can use as banners, intros or buttons in any of your web pages or auction pages.

Banner Templates

100 beautifully designed banners (many animated!), simply edit them to create a striking banner advert.


Thousands of images, ideal for any website!

22,500 Photos

Over 22,000 photos in a broad range of categories, simply download and add to your website!

Web Art

Over 75,000 icons, buttons and arrows for your website!

Handy Links

Some handy links to help you develop and manage your website.

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